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FIC: Absolutely Facinating!

Title: Absolutely Facinating! A Story of Two Fathers
Author:sabbath_dariusRating: PG-13
Warnings: Slight profanilty
Characters/Pairing: John Winchester, Arthur Weasly, Metallitruck
Summary: It's happened. Arthur has finally found a way into John's...car. Scary but true. And John must fight to get his things back from the absolutely facinated Mr. Weasley
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Just a little drabble written in play form. Read it, accept it, get over it.

John and Arthur have just met and are chatting it up in the woods waiting for Sam and Dean to come. The Metallicar has broken down.

John: So...your a wizard. [is wary]
Arthur: Why yes! And you are a muggle! [excited]
John: A what? You know what never mind. Anything interesting in your neighborhood. Say...evil? [hopeful]
Arthur: A muggle. Someone who is non magic. Evil? [frown] Well there is You-Know-Who, but that's not talk for this situation. Anyways, this is an automobile, eh? [hits his hand on the trunk]
John: Wait... YOU KNOW WHO??? Is it a demon?
Arthur: No. He's just a powerful wizard. [is hoping to get off topic]
John: Really? [pulls out trusty notebook] Tell me all about him! [Geek!John] Let's start with a name. None of this nonsense with 'You know who'.
Arthur: Well... ok. [can't refuse an offer] V--Vol--Voldemort! [speaks it quickly and clutches to truck in fear]
John: [confused] Say it again?
Arthur: Vold--Volde--Vold--Voldemort! [quickly again, looks around like a mad man]
John: [confused] What? You have to speak more clearly.
Arthur: GOOD GOD MAN! VOLDEMORT! MUST I SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU? V-O-L-D-E-M-O-R-T!! [grabs pad and carves it into the paper, ripping through 5 sheets of paper. Underlines it 5 times as well] What is wrong with people's hearing these days? [tosses pad back at John]
John: [petrified at sudden outburst of energy] [quickly regains stamina] Right. Ok tell me more. How do you exorcise this...Voldemort?
Arthur: Exorcise? Do you mean exercise? Which, in that case, I think you are saying it in the wrong context. [ponders]
John: No. Like where you try to get rid of an evil spirit. Using chanting, rock salt, fire. [pulls out lighter, flicks for added information]
Arthur: [about to retort, but sees something] Wait...[touches the lighter] does that emit fire?
John: Yes. [Questionable.] You've never seen a lighter? [flicks it once more, unknown to how much he is taunting Arthur]
Arthur: [OMG! GASP!] EGAD!! [Takes it] [flicks it himself] [burns himself] [drops] [lighter + dry leaves = much fire!]
John: [jumps back, never having fearing a man until now.] Yes it's facinating. [stomps on the fire]
Arthur: [whips out wand] AGUAMENTI!!
John: [feet are wet] [looks at him] Give me the lighter! [takes the lighter and puts into his pocket protectively]
Arthur: [clears throat] [leans on truck] [awesome mechanical weapon holder opens] [turns around, interested] [gasp!]
John: Oh dear god! [facepalm]
Arthur: It...opened! BY ITSELF!! Without..
John:Yes. Yes. [tries to close]
Arthur: [sees flare gun] What is this?
John:[snatches at it] [Arthur has a surprisingly strong grip]
Arthur: I duess this is the activator. [pulls trigger]
Arthur:[flare shoots through Johns hair, missing his head barely.] A rocket!! Fascinating!! [clears throat] Tell me are you interested in collectors items?
John:[curious] Yes. cassette tapes. [casually] [realizes what he has spoken of]
Arthur: [runs to car]
John: [chases after him] Too Late.

2 Hours Later, 10 Cassette Tapes Destroyed

John: [crying in the corner]
Arthur: I myself collect what are called...spark plugs and rubber duckies.
John: Go away! Not your ficlet! [shoves away]
Dean: Fine! [walks off]
Fangirls: OMG! DEAN!!! [chase]
Dean: [starts running]
Arthur: [confuzzled] Do you own spark pulgs?
John: No... Why should I?
Arthur: Well they are delightfully entertaining.
John: Really? [unconvinced]
Arthur: Yes! You wouldn't happen to have any lodgings this night would you?
John: Well I have a place to live. But what do you mean? Wait do you--
Arthur: Excellent! I will bunk with you!
John: [facepalm]

The End...for now

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