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Mommies Know Exactly What is Needed

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That was GREAT! I've never actually read a HP/SPN crossover and I'm glad that was my first!

I loved that John raised all of them, why did you decide to call Harry, Duncan?

Awesome fic! Is there going to be anymore??
For some reason it seemed fitting that Harry started his new life with a new name besides it worked with the nicknames I had planned for the boys.

Dean - Deany Meany
Duncan - Duncan Donuts (Northeastern donut shop)
Sam - Sammy Whammy

I am thinking of righting other fics in this series but it will be a while before I do



August 17 2007, 09:09:25 UTC 9 years ago

I *loved* this story! You're right, there aren't enough good spn/harry potter crossovers. Would you ever write about the years in between the two parts?
Right now I'm working on a fic that takes place two weeks afetr Harry become a Winchester. He gets to meet Pastor Jim for the first time

Re: fic


August 29 2007, 20:37:08 UTC 9 years ago

Awesome!!! Can't wait to read it!