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A community for cracked-out Harry Potter/Supernatural crossovers
Welcome to winchesterwarts, your one and only source for all things related to cracked-out Harry Potter/Supernatural crossovers - and really, can anyone think of any HP/SPN crossover that wouldn't be cracked out? Because I can't. It is the brainchild of surrexi because we felt the need to share our crazy with fandom at large. So here's where you can talk about which house Sam and Dean would be in, what Mr. Weasley would think of Papa John's trunk of badassery, what Papa John would think of Mr Weasley's socket collection, and what Dean would look like cowering in the corner of the passenger seat in the Metallicar as it flew over rural Scotland. Because clearly, these are vital things to discuss.
1. All member posts should be related to fic - either a fic or a plot bunny. Non-fic discussion posts will be periodically posted by the moderators to facilitate (hopefully) hilarious discussion of all the cracked-out possibilities of HP/SPN crossovers. Icon posts are allowed, but all teaser icons must be HP/SPN crossover-relevant, and no more than three teaser icons are allowed outside of a cut.

2. Fics that include slash or Wincest are allowed, but YOU MUST CLEARLY label them. Some of us are squicked by that sort of thing, lol. However, keep in mind that this is not a het, gen, OR slash fic community - it is a crack!fic community, so the point of your fic shouldn't be any of those, it should just be crack, lol.

3. When posting fic, please make the subject of the post "FIC: Title of Fic" and put the text of your fic, no matter how short, behind an LJ-cut, and the following information above the cut:

Author's Notes/Disclaimer:

4. When posting plot bunnies please make the subject "PLOT BUNNY: Really Brief Description" and then put your idea in the body of the entry. If there are spoilers for either fandom (something that hasn't been aired or published yet in the US), put them under a cut. Of course, since it's crack!fic, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Members can then reply with drabbles in the comments (or just agreements that such a fic would be hysterical), or respond with full fics in their own posts.

5. If you are posting a fic that is in response to a plot bunny someone else has posted, it would be nice if you would provide a link to the original post in the notes section of the fic info.

6. NO SERIOUS FICS ALLOWED. If your angst isn't hysterical, cracked-out angst, it doesn't belong here. If your romance isn't ridiculous, hilarious romance, it doesn't belong here. This is for cracked-out ridiculous explorations of the hilarity that would ensue if Sam, Dean, and John were suddenly plunked down in the middle of the War against Voldemort or a Hogwarts classroom.

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Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling etc, Supernatural to Eric Kripke etc. We're just taking the characters out for a crack-filled spin!
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