. (potthead) wrote in winchesterwarts,

FIC: Hermione, Hell, and Horcruxes

Title: Hermione, Hell, and Horcruxes
Author: potthead
Fandom: Harry Potter/Supernatural
Characters: Hermione, Sam, & Dean
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 1,173
Summary: Sam thinks a certain witch can help him and Dean figure out why the Colt didn't kill Lucifer, and Dean thinks all witches are batshit insane. One of them is right. Maybe.
Notes: This was written for heidi8, who donated funds through help_haiti to assist with relief efforts in Haiti. She wanted a Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover about Horcruxes. :)

( 'You look nothing like Emma Watson.' / 'Excuse you,' Hermione says, repocketing her wand. 'She looks nothing like me.' )

If you like my writing and would like to keep up with it, you're welcome to friend raconter, my writing journal. :)

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